Bark and Mulch

Bark and Mulch

Bark Chip

Bark chip is a great ornamental ground covering for any garden. Bark Chip provides a cost effective solution for any landscaping project.

Ideal for weed control and tidy garden beds around the house.

Bark Nuggets

Natural, decorative ground cover for landscape beautification.

Suppresses weeds and increases soil water retention.

Granulated Bark is a popular choice for a variety of landscape applications because of the versatility of the product and ease of use. It is manufactured by processing raw New Zealand Pinus Radiata bark, a renewable resource that is a byproduct from the forest industry.

  • Natural garden finish
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Improves soil moisture retention & promotes earthworm activity
  • Clean New Zealand sourced Pine bark

    Bark Mulch

    Bark Mulch is a very popular DIY garden product. It binds together well which helps suppress weeds and retains moisture.

    Benefits of Mulching

    Depending on materials used, mulches have many benefits, including the following:
    • Reduces evaporation from soil surface, cutting water use by 25-50%
    • Organic mulches promote soil microorganism activity, which in turn, improves soil tilth and helps lessen soil compaction.
    • Stabilizes soil moisture
    • Prevents soil compaction
    • Controls weeds, which rob soil moisture
    • Moderates soil temperature extremes
    • Controls erosion
    • Gives a finished look, improving aesthetic quality