Bricks and Pavers

Bricks and Pavers


D & T MacDonald have a wide variety of recycled bricks for any project around the house or landscaping.

They start from as low as 30 cents per brick.

We have a wide range including:
  • Red Bricks
  • Huntly Bricks
  • Fire Bricks
  • House Bricks

These all come in a range of different sizes and colours.

All have come from recycled building material, so if you need to match for a project then we can help. Because they have been recycled they are naturally discoloured and weathered to fit in with your existing bricks. This means they will not stick out from your existing ones, unlike if you purchased new.


Transform your sidewalk, pool deck, entrance, patio or driveway with beautiful, easy-to-install pavers. We have a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours.

If you need to match to your existing pavers, not a problem, bring down a sample and we can help you match it. Just like with our bricks, all our pavers are from recycled building material so they have been naturally weathered and worn. This means that you will be able to match your paver perfectly and they will not look out of place.

Our pavers range from 30 cents up to $24 depending on size, colour and shape.

Check out our blog post on how you can use bricks and pavers to make a pizza oven for your outdoor area.