Railway Sleepers


D & T MacDonald have a wide range of railway sleepers in a wide range of sizes.They start at around 1 metre and go up to 2.4 metres in length.

Railway Sleepers

Ponga Logs

Ponga Logs are great for fences, garden edging or garden features. They can be used either horizontally or vertically.

They will also continue to grow in the right situation adding lovely soft green foliage to any garden.

They range in size from 100mm to 150mm diameter.

Railway Sleepers

Hardwood Sleepers

Hardwood sleepers are a perfect wood if you are looking for a traditional rustic look, while still holding heavy loads.

Good, solid and excellent for all purposes, such as garden retaining walls, garden bordering and general dividers.

Railway Sleepers

Old Railway Sleepers

These hardwood sleepers have a rustic look. They have been soaked in oil which gives them a black weathered look. These are ideal as a garden feature, garden edging or retaining walls.

Up to 3 metres long