Road and Drainage Metal

Road and Drainage Metal

It is a clean metal commonly used around drain coil and behind retaining walls. All our drainage and road metal is graded to size and comes in

  • 14mm
  • 20mm
  • 40mm
  • 65mm and over

Drainage Metal is made using crushed concrete block where the maximum size of the stones is 65mm.

Drainage Metal is a low cost material to draw water away from damp areas. Much cheaper than other stone mixes.

Drainage metal can be laid beneath the surface such as in a trench and cover. Gravity will cause water to go down to the drainage metal and then drain to where you want it.

This can also be used for roads and tracks on farms (not for races, as it may be two hard on hooves).

Base Course

Basecourse or Hard Fill is a crushed graded metal and contains fines. It is used primarily as a bedding base for a wide range of applications and often referred to as “Gap” and is short for “general all passing”, and contains all chip sizes up to a nominal stated size.

We have a wide range of Base Course, please enquire as to the specification you require