Rocks and Stones

Rocks and Stones

Waikato Gold

These pebbles have been available for many years and have been called many different names – Autumn Gold, Hokey Pokey and Fruit Salad all great names for the same great stone.

Waikato Gold is a multi coloured decorative pebble which is great for paths, gardens, borders, pot toppers.

Rocks and Stones

Taumarunui Stone

Taumarunui stone is a natural formed pebble from years of tumbling in the Whanganui River. D & T MacDonald carry two grades of river stone:

  • 25-65mm A gray pebble as the name suggests 25-65mm in size.
  • 65-200mm A gray stone ranging from palm to 200mm in size.

    Rocks and Stones

    Blue Rock

    Blue Rock is a bluey grey stone which can be used as a ground cover or for decorative accents in your garden. Blue Rock is hard wearing and can be used to create a low maintenance garden.

    Blue Rock comes in a wide variety of sizes from small chip to large boulders.

    Rocks and Stones

    Lime Chip

    Lime Chip is used as an alternative to bark as ground cover on gardens. Other uses are as pot toppers, pathways, driveways and highlighting specific areas in the garden. A hard white marble chip, it is a hard-wearing, long-lasting product.

    Liumechip is available in:

  • 6-15mm
  • 15-25mm


    Lime Rock

    Lime Rock is a larger version of Lime Chip. Offering the same colouring as lime chip but in larger sizes. Lime Rock can be used to create dramatic impact in any landscape. Use them functionally to divert foot and vehicle traffic, or simply as the focal point in your gardens.