Cleanfill Disposal Site

Cleanfill Disposal Site

We are a licensed clean landfill site that accepts the following types of clean landfill:

  • Standard clean fill- sand, soil, metal and clay.
  • Hard fill- concrete, bricks, asphalt, concrete with steel reo.
  • Mixed loads- clean fill and hard fill.
  • Demolition Materials- Concrete, timber, soil, steel, corrugated.

    All fill must be non toxic and contain no household waste or anything that will harm the environment.

    Concrete from our clean landfill goes to our concrete crusher for recycling to make products such as drainage metal, roading metal and builders mix.

    We also salvage any pavers, bricks or concrete pipes. These are sorted and sold in our landscape supply yard.

    If you need to dispose of timber, we will accept it into our clean fill for recycling purposes. However it will need to be a minimum length of 2 metres.