Garden and Landscaping

Garden and Landscaping

Decorative Wood Chip

D & T MacDonald has a variety of different decorative wood chips in various colours and textures.

Decorative wood chips also have a practical side by inhibiting weed growth and increasing water retention in your gardens.

Also see Barks and Mulches


We bulk supply of both screened and unscreened topsoil.

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil is ideal for starting a new lawn or garden or improving the soil in any given area.

Our screened topsoil goes through a screening process to remove unwanted materials such as stones, roots and other foreign matter.


Unscreened topsoil is good for fill in large areas, behind retaining walls. As it comes, can be clumpy & contains stones, and other material, but great for filling in areas or raising land up.

Clean Fill Soil

Clean Fill Soil (dirt) can be used for levelling ground, filling holes or other jobs where premium quality topsoil is not needed. Clean Fill Soil like unscreened topsoil contains some stones, tree roots and other materials, but is generally good for filling and leveling.

Tree Mulch

Tree Mulch is an economical alternative for large mulching projects compared to bark mulch, and is suitable for large landscaping projects requiring a natural look. Also ideal for exposed or sloping sites.

Acting as a protective blanket, it prevents soil moisture from evaporating during long dry periods and reduces weed growth by making conditions unfavourable for germination. As a mulch, it also stimulates a natural increase of soil microbes and earthworms which are beneficial in developing strong and healthy root systems.

Garden Mix

Bulk Garden Mix

Bulk Garden Mix can be used for the revitalising of existing gardens, construction of new gardens, filling of planter boxes and creating raised garden beds. Also ideal for planting new trees and shrubs. Excellent for roses.

Our Garden Mix is blended from composted organic materials and pumice. It contains a full blend of fertilisers including natural gypsum, controlled release fertiliser and a wetting agent for improved water dispersion throughout the mix. These balanced fertilisers provide immediate as well as continuous, safe supply of nutrients to ensure superior gardening results. Our Garden Mix is perfect for all gardens where bigger, better and healthier plants are a must.